what you said was very sweet and means a lot to me but i am incapable of properly responding in any way besides “thank you so much aaaah” because i do not know how to accurately express the exact level of my gratitude to where you completely understand how much what you said meant to me without me getting even more emotional and looking like a fucking nerd: an autobiography

video game meme → [4/7] sceneries - tomb raider

Every moment of the short time I spent with you is an unforgettable memory…

Buying a collar and tag for my babe because she keeps being a bad girl and trying to run outside without her leash on. #yomi


Hey! I made a spooky ghost for you guys! 

It’s transparent!

Desperate Help Needed!!!



Hi everyone! It’s your friendly neighborhood utena-tfln mod and I really, really, hate to use this blog for this. But I need your help.

I need a 1,000 dollars by October 29th.  If I don’t get this, I will not be able to continue my education. I will have to drop out of college.

Here’s the story. My mom lost her job and we lost our insurance. My school, Kalamazoo College, charged me 1,000 for their school health insurance that I cannot opt out of. They also did not inform me of this until Monday the 20th. Because I have not paid this amount, they have placed a hold on my registration. I won’t be able to register for winter classes if this bill is not paid by the 29th. If I don’t enroll for classes, I’ll be withdrawn and lose my scholarships. My scholarships are the literally the only way I am able to attend college.

I love it here. I want my education. I deserve it.

Please. If every follower of this blog donated a dollar I can still go to college.

Click here to donate. Edit: Link isn’t working so try the donate button on the blog.

Click here to look at commissions.

I’m a queer WOC so tumblr is really my main support system. Please know that I am exhausting every other resource available to me - but the truth is there aren’t many resources available to me. So anything you can do (donations, commissions or signal boosts) helps!!!

Thank you. <3

"destiny has no story"

i’m sorry. i can’t hear you over the sound of ALL THE FUCKING LORE YOU DIDN’T READ

my legs are hella sore because I pushed myself too hard when I was running today :|

>>. Crystarium


Dragon Age Origins: Lounging about in the West Brecilian Forest.

destiny. the dark age