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"How lonely is the night without the howl of a wolf."

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Will we live to greet the dawn?
Love will not leave you, hate will not heal you.
Promise me one day that peace shall reign.
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...and we do what must be done
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Holy shit… I just watched Avril’s “Hello Kitty” music video.

That’s seriously disgusting.

First of all, she’s dragging 4 expressionless Japanese girls around like they’re some sort of accessory. Gross.

Second of all… “minna saikou arigato”? If that isn’t the most weeaboo shit I’ve ever heard… She could have put a lot more thought into which Japanese phrase to use. also she pronounces it REALLY BADLY

And let’s not forget that the video is pretty offensive. Responding to people saying it’s racist with “RACIST??? LOLOLOL!!! I love Japanese culture and I spend half of my time in Japan. I flew to Tokyo to shoot this video specifically for my Japanese fans, WITH my Japanese label, Japanese choreographers AND a Japanese director IN Japan” — that doesn’t mean anything. It’s still offensive as hell and fetishises Japanese people and their culture to the point that it’s disgusting.

it’s like “I’m not racist I have a black friend so I’m allowed to say nigger lol”

Japanese people/culture is not something that should be taken horribly out of context, fetishised to the max, and portrayed like it’s something for white people to fawn over.

*vomits everywhere*

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I really don’t understand people who think Tidus is whiny

he’s literally seventeen years old and seems to have grown up alone, save for auron, after the alcoholic father who verbally belittles him vanishes and pretty much takes Tidus’ grieving mother with him, and then Tidus is thrown into a world and time he knows nothing about with the horrifying revelation that his home is a thousand years since dead and destroyed

and even though in coming to terms with it all he acts out and has fits of melancholy

he’s still the sort of guy who wants to hunt a fiend that’s been terrorizing the area he’s only fleetingly passing through because “it’s the right thing to do”

or offers to support kimahri against biran and yenke at a point when kimahri has spoken maybe twenty words to him

or finds a discrete way to shut down Wakka’s anti-Al Bhed diatribes when they’re clearly upsetting Yuna without outing her heritage to Wakka before she’s ready

or eventually bites his tongue and becomes as supportive as he can when it’s pointed out to him that he’s being an ass over the possible seymour wedding thing and adding to yuna’s already considerable stress

and these are examples from just the first, like, fifteen hours of the game

seriously, he’s been dealt an enormously shitty hand and he still maintains a sense of justice, kindness, and humor through it all

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We see The City grow as a linear progression over time - one event after the other. But our perception does not mirror reality. The City is everything at once: virgin countryside, crowded streets, vacant ruins. All moments of time exist concurrently with one another. It is our challenge to break the patterns of human conciousness. Only then will we truly understand the meaning of time.
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[Companions] :: 02 - Vivienne
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