Playing #destiny with the boyfriend and his kippen. I get the big TV, obviously.

the wind… it is blowing…

Are you aware that with chimps, the male decides when it's time to have sex? I think humans can learn a thing or two from our closest biological relatives. Something went wrong in our evolutionary line. smh
— Anonymous


look at you being all cool and edgy with your contradictory opinion in my inbox. what a rebel. the great return of brony friendzoni. go tip your fedora elsewhere 

we evolved to be BETTER than chimps and we have MORAL REASONING so basically you’re saying that you would rather be compared to a fucking monkey than actual human beings

wt ring u got


will you do Giantdad with palette 98?
— Anonymous


can we please appreciate the fact that the new FFXV trailer ends with

"it’s been a long time coming.

almost there.”


my boyfriend said that’s a horrible translation and that in japanese he’s actually saying “I’m sorry for taking so long”

…I know what I want and what I have to do.

↳ Altaïr Ibn-La’Ahad



"Drake only had half the clues, Lawrence only had half, we have both. And Marlowe has nothing.”

Not at all.

Fallout: New Vegas // Concept Art.


Final Fantasy XV TGS 2014 Trailer


The Rosie is one of the functional types of Big Daddies in Rapture, along with the Bouncer, the Rumbler, and the Lancer. Along with being assigned to protect Little Sisters, Rosies are also the supplementary mechanics and maintenance workers of Rapture. Its main weapon is a giant Rivet Gun. They are taller and slower moving than the Bouncer, making them less agile, but their long-range gun makes them just as dangerous.

"Each and every backdrop in Child of Light was hand-drawn.”